SFTPCloud can be configured to send POST requests to a given endpoint when a filesystem event matches the rules.

Request type

The data is sent via a POST request to the endpoint configured in the event listener.

Request body

The request has the following fields: user.id - the SFTPCloud UUID of the SFTP user that triggered the event user.name - the name of the SFTP user that triggered the event event - the type of the filesystem event. Here's a list with all the possible values status - indicates if the event was completed ("OK") or failed ("KO") full_path - the full path of the file protocol - the protocol used to perform the file operation (SFTP, FTP) ip - the IP address of the SFTP/FTP client timestamp - the timestamp of the file operation (nanoseconds since the Unix epoch) file_size - the size of the file in bytes


Below is an example of the request body when a file named test.txt is uploaded:


We recommend using a website such as webook.site to test the webhooks easily.