1. Create a new S3 bucket

Log in into your AWS console, open the S3 service and click the Create Bucket button. Give a name to your bucket and select a region. In our case we used sftpcloud as the name of the bucket and the region eu-central-1. The other options are ok like they are. The option Block all public access should be checked.Scroll at the bottom of the page and click the button Create Bucket .

2. Create a new IAM user

Open the IAM service, go to the users section and click the Add users button. Give a name to your user (we used sftpcloud as name) and click Next . Select Attach policies directly , select AmazonS3FullAccess and click Next. On the next screen click again Next . Now your user has been created. Search by the name and open the details page of the user by clicking on the search result. Scroll to the Access keys section and click Create access key . Select Application running outside AWS and click Next . Give a description to the access key and click Create access key . You access key details are craeted and ready to be used.

3. Create an SFTP instance using the new storage

Follow the steps from here in order to create a new instance and select AWS S3 as the storage type. When AWS S3 is selected, more inputs will appear. Fill in the inputs with the credentials created in the previous steps.