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SFTP mput

In SFTP, a common misconception is the existence of the mput command, often believed to be used for uploading multiple files in a single go. However, this understanding does not align with the actual capabilities of SFTP. mput does not exist as a separate command in the standard SFTP command suite. It is often mistakenly thought to be a separate command capable of handling multiple file uploads simultaneously. This misconception might stem from experiences with other file transfer protocols or command-line interfaces where similar multi-file commands exist. However, within SFTP, mput is not a recognized or functional command. If you try to use mput, you will notice it behaves exactly as the `put` command. The `put` command accepts maximum two parameters: the local path and the remote path while any additional parameter will be ignored. This means that you cannot upload more than one file using the put or mput commands.